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Talking Shop #6: Shop Talking vs the World

To all of the 6 people that read this blog, and that strange cookinh (sic) site that once visited me 127 times in a single hour, a message.

You might have noticed that the site hasn’t been updated in a while.

Sorry for that.

The thing is, though, that I have exams coming up. Thousands of them. Well, 19. Starting from tomorrow, ’til July. And as much as I like venting my spleen of knowledge all over the pasta of the internet, I may need to stop that. So, this’ll probably become monthly, bi-monthly, until the exams are all over.


Talking Shop #5: Stop, Drop & Roll

One week into my new posting scheme to post twice a week, it clearly hasn’t worked, due to a combination of incompetence, laziness and upcoming exams. So it’ll be the normal one-post-a-week schedule, until it isn’t.

Talking Shop #4: Electric Boogaloo

Small change in my update schedule for posting stuff. I’ll now be posting an article on Monday, and an article on Thursday! That’s right! I’m now posting bi-weekly! Rejoice!

No, but seriously, it’ll be a Worldbin-thing on Monday, and a Gaming post on Thursday, if all goes well, which it probably won’t. It probably won’t last a week, but, still, Yay!, for mindless optimism!

Talking Shop #3 – Backstroke of the West

Ah well. Got my offers from my Universities, and have completed my January Modules. Might as well try to post some more something at all.

Talking Shop #2: Blog Necromancy

I’m realising that this whole blogging thing actually takes a bit of both effort and commitment. So I’ll try to post at least 1 non-Shop article a week, to stop this turning into a Norwegian Blue. Hopefully, I’ll post on Monday/Tuesday and on Friday/Saturday. I’ve should be posting 2 gaming articles & a worldbin soon.

Talking Shop #1

This blog is probably going to turn into cross between an argument and a cheap alternative to a psychoanalyst at some point in time, but until then, it’s all gravy.

Site may revolve around / touch upon / whatever about geekery (is that even a proper word?) RPG’s and the like, Physics and something else, to be determined later.

I’m a vague kind of guy.

Anyhoo, might do some actual posting later.