Gaming: Rocks Fall, Everyone Respawns.

I play a lot of RPGs, and it is always annoying when a player dies unexpectedly, even more so than when anyone dies. So here is a little sliding scale that I put together a while ago dealing with death, becoming more realistic as you go down.

1. Hi, this is my identical twin brother, Renee 2.

Just respawn  them. Tada!

2. Damnit! 6 bodies gone already, only 3 left.

Instant(ish) respawn, full abilities, but only a limited number of uses. Sidequest option – get more.

3. Wait, I’m sure I backed up recently.

Time penalty, maybe a loss of abilities, as you are decanted.

4. It’s a bit draining.

Proper level loss.

5. It cost me how much?

Lose a limb or two.

6. It’s not a game any longer.

Kill the player.


I mainly use 2&3. 1 is best suited to quick games, and 4&5 for the more serious story-arc driven games. If you are ever asked to GM F.A.T.A.L., use 6.

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