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Worldbin: Flotsam & Jetsam #1

NB: Worldbin is where I chuck campaign worlds. I’ve filled up 3 maths textbooks with this sort of stuff, and this is cheaper. Mainly fantasy RPG, but some sci fi / cyberpunk / whatever.

Flotsam & Jetsam is a twinned hollow-world with shared borders.

What that means is that it seems like a normal place, but if you go above the cloud layer, mine deep enough, or sail far away from the central landmass, then you go into the other one.

Environmental and Atmospheric conditions on each are not exactly the same, Flotsam being heavier and more humid than Jetsam, so when you cross over you can tell. Kinda.

Apart from that twinning, it is a plane of forgotten things – as indicated by the name. Objects that time forgot tend to end up there, one way or another. Unfortunately, sometimes there is good reason that these are not known of. Basically, a new doomsday device, ancient super weapon or eldritch artefact turn up every couple of days, and so the world is full of apocalypse cults, treasure hunters and esoteric monastic orders trying to find these as and when they appear.

If you have ever player Paranoia, think of it as a endless Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues.


Talking Shop #1

This blog is probably going to turn into cross between an argument and a cheap alternative to a psychoanalyst at some point in time, but until then, it’s all gravy.

Site may revolve around / touch upon / whatever about geekery (is that even a proper word?) RPG’s and the like, Physics and something else, to be determined later.

I’m a vague kind of guy.

Anyhoo, might do some actual posting later.

Hello world!

Here we go…